Un futur Pont à Transbordeur au coeur d'un espace interactif



  1. A « Port Jules Verne », why?
  2. Where do you place it ?
  3. Would Port Jules Verne integrate new attractions?
  4. What new centres of attention do you envisage there?
  5. It is obvious that the maritime project is to be costly in terms of maritime works. What could justify them… just 50 liners?
  6. But, whenever a liner is berthing at Saint Louis (beam= 35m)the profit is worthless, no ?
  7. What constraints are those of those liners? What needs?
  8. Are the constraints and conditions for river cruisers different?
  9. What other attraction do you contemplate on the quay and in the Misery quarry ?
  10. Could you tell us more about that Vernoscope ?
  11. And what about the Audubon aviary ?
  12. The Audubon botanical garden, why and how?
  13. But the Miséry quarry area is of 4 hectares, and your plan concerns only two …
  14. Are you interested in the « heights » of Sainte Anne as well?
  15. What equipments and services could be pooled for the liner terminal, the Vernoscope and the Audubon areas ?
  16. There is currently in this part of the city a big real estate pressure. Shall we be able to resist ?
  17. What other public arrangements would be necessary?
  18. We understand you had a model made ?

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